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The 7-th International Scientific Distance Congress on Spinal Disorders "InterSpine - 2010"

Bulletin of the International Scientific Surgical Association, 2010, Vol. 5, N. 2-3
Russian versionRussian version
A.S.Starikov, G.O.Penina

The efficiency of Acecklofenac, using in treatment of acute vertebrogenic compression-ischemic syndrome

68 patients with neurological manifestations of lumbar dorsopathies (radicular syndrome) were examined, including 32 patients who received aceclofenac as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and 36 patients - diclofenac. Comparation of results before and after treatment showed a marked reduction of pain in the group of aceclofenac. We observed less side effects in patients treated with aceclofenac.

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A.K.Abduhalikov, A.Turahanov, F.Tashlanov

Forecasting treatment effectiveness of uncomplicated fractures of vertebral body at thoracolumbar division and its consequences

Authors analyse results of treatment of 124 patients with compression fracture of bodies lowerthoracal and lumbar vertebras . 2 groups according to an initial corner kiphotic deformations (CKD) vertebral a segment are selected. Patients with less 20? CKD have made – 61,3% , 20? and more –38,7%. All patients are carried out conservative and operative treatment. The remote results appeared less favorable to patients with CKD 20? and more, treated conservatively.

Conclusion, that at posttraumatic hernias of intervertebral disks it is needing microsurgical diskechtomy with foraminotomy squeezed rotlet.

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A.K. Abduhalikov, A.Turahanov

Clinico – magnetic – resonance- tomographic correlation in vertebral fracture of thoracolumbar localization

Authors have studied results of inspection and treatment of 49 patients with consequences compression fractures of bodies lower thoracal and lumbar vertebras. The investigated degenerate changes of a backbone in the remote period with help MRI that promotes definition of adequate methods of treatment at this heavy category of patients.

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The role of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia and metabolic disorders of collagen n the occurrence of rotational subluxation of the atlas

The results of examination 50 children to the clinic rotary subluxation of the atlas are presented. The high diagnostic values of detection signs of connective tissue dysplasia and to determine the level of antibodies to collagen in serum are marked.

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Microsurgical reinnervation of the lower limbs in injuries to the spinal cord

Experimental scientific study has allowed develop the new ways and methods reconstruction microsurgical operation directed on recovering the functions of the lower limbs in injuries to the spinal cord.

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A.P.Shein, G.A.Krivoruchko

Vertebra displacement level and clinical-neurophysiologic manifestations severity of neurological deficits in patients with spondylolistessis lumbar localization

To complex neurophysiological testing were subjected 82 patients (34 - male 48 - female) aged 13-77 years, with the lumbar (L3-L5) neurologically complicated spondylolisthesis. Found that the ENMG-manifestations severety in the lower limbs system neurological deficit depended on the vertebra displacement level. Than more cranial this level, the more profound changes were observed in the lower extremities innervation status

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