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The Sixth International Scientific Distance Conference
Cardiovascular Surgery and Angiology - 2008

We cordially invite you to join us at the Sixth International Scientific Distance Conference "Cardiovascular Surgery and Angiology - 2008" in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) on December, 2008.

The conference is carried out remotely and does not guess of participation of the lecturers. The reports will be shown on the site of Conference (http://surgeryserver.com ) and will published as the article in the Journal "Bulletin of the International Scientific Surgical Association" (ISSN 1818-0698).

We wish you success a good luck and once more invite you to our Conference

Languages of Conference - English and Russian

Deadlines for Registration November 30th, 2008
Deadline for full papers and abstracts November 30th, 2008
Deadline for registration fee December 10th, 2008


  • Epidemiology and pathogenesis of the coronary, carotid and peripheral arterial diseases
  • Diagnostics of the cardiac and cardiovascular diseases
  • Surgery of the heart and coronary arteries
  • Electrocardiostimulation
  • Pathology of aortal arch branches
  • Treatment of abdominal and thoracic aneurysms
  • Critical leg Ischemia
  • Phlebology
  • Lymphoedema
  • Vascular complications in drug addict patients
  • Pulmonary artery thromboembolism
  • Endovascular surgery
  • Actual problems of vascular surgery
  • Vascular hydrodynamic and biomechanics
  • Registration Fee

    Registration fee - €25 for one report should be transferred till December 10th, 2008. The registration fee is enumerated only after endorsement of acceptance of the report. The payment properties will be indicated later.

    The Journal with the Congress Materials will be sent to the authors in January 2009


    The manuscript (text of the report for the publishing in the Bulletin of the International Scientific Surgical Association) should not exceed 6 pages. No page limit is imposed for the programming lectures, however publication of substantially large papers will be dependent on the importance of the topic and the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief.

    Typewritten, double spaced papers must be typed on one side of standard letter size paper in English. The cover page must include the title of the manuscript, full name, title and academic degree of each author, telephone, fax, e-mail, and complete mailing address. The corresponding author must be identified to whom all the correspondences should be addressed. A maximum of 10 of the most appropriate key words must appear on the cover page.

    The manuscript should follow the usual sequence of sections (Abstract; Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results and Discussion; Acknowledgements (if any); References; Appendix (if any); tables; caption for figures; figures).

    References must be numbered, typed completely and referred in the text in squared brackets.

    All illustrations (diagrams, graphs, etc.) should be in black and white with gradation of gray color of a high quality. Photographs, radiograms should be in raster format (preferable - TIFF, JPG, PSD). The other illustrations should be in vector format. The editorial staff may correct illustration to improve their view.

    Photographs and illustrations should have appropriate legends and must be typed on separate pages. They should be pertinent, brief, but complete. Photomicrographs should have scales and magnifications should be identified in the legends. Neither the manuscript nor the photographs will be returned to the authors.

    All materials must be send by E-Mail:

    For more information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief:




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